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Why You Should Learn an Instrument as an Adult

  • Posted on: June 2, 2018
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We tend to think that learning how to play the guitar or the piano, is something that you either do as a kid or not at all. If you ditched the violin lessons in middle school, you missed your one shot. It’s a commonly believed myth that as an adult it will be almost impossible to pick up an instrument. After all, you’re already set in your ways, right? Your brain’s not as receptive as it was decades ago, right? Well, no. That’s entirely wrong. There’s no age limit for learning how to play an instrument. And, in fact, in some ways, adults have an advantage above kids.

You Have More Discipline and Focus

You can’t master anything at all if you’re not 100% interested in doing so. As an adult you know this, so your motivation comes from within, not your parent’s nagging. This allows you to be a lot more disciplined and focused. Furthermore, you have a lifetime of experiences, so you know exactly what you need to do to get better at whatever you’re doing. This means those piano lessons won’t feel like a chore. No one’s forcing you to go. You’re going because you’re putting your discipline and fortitude to good use and learning a new skill that you actually enjoy.

You Understand Music on a Different Level

That is to say, you have references. You know what different genres should sound like, you have listened to different styles and instruments all your life, so you know what you should sound like. You can tell when a piece should be played with a measured cadence because you can relate to the sounds on both an emotional and intellectual level. Besides, when you’re learning different chord combinations, you can identify where you’ve heard them before. It’s easier for you to remember popular combinations and rhythms. And you can focus all your efforts on learning a specific piece that you’ve always loved which gives you extra motivation.

It Will Help You Cope with Stress

Music releases dopamine, aka. that chemical that regulates the pleasure areas of the brain. When you listen to music, you feel happy and relaxed. Your brain simply responds to it in a favourable way. When you play it yourself, that effect amplifies. Playing music helps you decompress after a rough day in the office. Your mood improves, you feel more relaxed and your brain is just flooded with pleasure. This actually benefits your overall wellbeing, the quality of your sleep and your cognitive process.

In many ways, music makes your brain stronger while making you more alert and allowing you to practice your ability to focus. While this doesn’t mean much for kids, for an adult it translates into an activity that helps you keep dementia at bay. A healthier brain means higher quality of life, a more active lifestyle, and better moods that allow you to live your life to the fullest.