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Top Places to Get Orchestra News and Updates

  • Posted on: July 19, 2018
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In the past a person would find news about an orchestra by looking at a newspaper or hearing announcements on the radio. This was one way to hear about upcoming events and information. Information about orchestras would include when the orchestra was playing, the type of music they were playing and how to buy tickets to attend. There would be information on what composer the orchestra was playing, e.g. Beethoven, Brahms etc.

There are still paper newspapers that announce events. The radio also may announce upcoming events such as orchestra performances, just as they did in the past.

Online News

Today, much has changed from the past. In a relatively short time the world has entered a digital era where much of the news that we used to receive on paper now being more readily available on the internet. Although there are still paper newspapers available in which there is news about events, there is almost always digital news outlets. Many newspapers are now also available on digital format on the internet. In addition to this, most orchestras also have their own website where they advertise upcoming events and any other news. Often you can buy tickets on the orchestra website itself.

Social Media

Another place to get news is twitter. Some of the big orchestras have a twitter account. For instance, The New York Philharmonic Orchestra has a twitter account which they use to post announcements about upcoming events. They also give the dates and ticket prices for the upcoming events that are being held. The New York Philharmonic Orchestra also has its own webpage with an event calendar. Thus, it is easy for a person to see what events are coming up and to then go ahead and book the needed tickets online through the website. Free events are also advertised in this manner.

Many news outlets also have Facebook pages where they may advertise events and news about symphony orchestras. It is simply a matter of doing an internet search.  It is easy enough to follow twitter or Facebook groups to make sure you automatically get new information as soon as it appears. This is a quick and easy way to find information that you can simply pull up on your smartphone or computer. There may also be websites where you can buy tickets for several events, including the orchestra.

Orchestra Websites

Other news, for instance, building upgrades and changes can also be advertised on an orchestra’s website. For example, the Imperial Symphony Orchestra announced how they were planning to upgrade their seats and add more wheelchair accessible seating. The orchestra websites also offer a chance to connect to contact people at the orchestra and to donate funds to the orchestra. It is easy to do an internet search to see if your favorite orchestra has a webpage. You can then easily look for information, book tickets and so on. It is also worth looking to see if your orchestra also has a Facebook page. The New York Philharmonic has a Facebook page as does the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.