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The Most Contemporary Rock N Roll Composers

Classical music didn’t die at the 19th century, au contraire, there’s a new generation of musicians radically changing the precepts of what we use to know as chamber music while making the classic genre more popular and friendly to the public. Modern-day classical music will completely change your preconceived notions and open up to a whole new world of sounds and sensations.

Classical music is always being reinvented. Mainly because since it’s not made thinking about the sales or impact that can generate, classical musicians get to create to their hearts’ content. There are some young maestros that are reviving the classical music and making it more popular than it has been in years.

You may want to know about James Rhodes, born in 1975 in London. His profile is more like rockstar’s than a concert pianist. He’s spreading a new philosophy to make classical music more accessible to all kinds of audiences, giving shows at affordable prices, several charities, and even offering humorous talks to captivate younger audiences. He’s also published some books that are worthy to be read.

David Garret is other of the transgressing genius that you need in your playlist. He played the controversial violinist of the 19th century, Niccolo Paganini in the wild biopic The Devil’s Violinist of 2013. He’s a prolific composer but also enjoys performing mashups and covering versions of rock/pop songs. His compositions are a magnificent way to introduce yourself to the classical violin.

The life of Garret was near the paradigmatic idea of a concert violinist. Born in Germany, his father was also a violinist and he started to practice as young as four years old; by the age of seven, he was admitted in the conservatory of the city of Lübeck. By his 13 birthday, he had recorded his second CD and was a regular on European TV shows, a child prodigy that wants to share his love for music with the world.

An unlikely character in the world of orchestra musicians is Ara Malikian. Tattooed, bearded, and scruffy but with an incredible energy on stage he’s endearing for all ages. He is an outcast, looking to change the system of the orchestras and break with the convictions that have been keeping the classical music away from the public for too many years.

There’s something interesting about his life story, his grandfather escaped from the Armenian Genocide (1915-1923) because someone gave him a violin and he pretended to be a musician. He settled down in Lebanon where Ara’s father became a violinist and taught his son, who had to flee the country too, this time Spain was the country where he would grow up to make a career with the violin of his grandfather, the so-called lifesaver of this family.

These men are three great exponents of what classical music is nowadays and all of them follow the philosophy of making the genre accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Their work is a must-have on the music collection of every proud music lover.