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The Most Contemporary Rock N Roll Composers

Classical music didn’t die at the 19th century, au contraire, there’s a new generation of musicians radically changing the precepts of what we use to know as chamber music while making the classic genre more popular and friendly to the public. Modern-day classical music will completely change your preconceived notions and open up to a […]

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That Time Street Music Met Classical Musical

Jazz was born in the late 19th century from African-American musicians and is considered ‘America’s classical music’. Their stylistic origins are strongly influenced by European classical music but also the traditional sounds of West Africa, creating a cultural melting pot, coloured and enriched, that has given birth to many children, from soul to progressive rock. […]

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The Influence of Classical Music in Children

One of the most interesting proposals on children’s development is to educate them surrounded by music. Even the music the baby hears during pregnancy can yield multiple benefits. And children who learn to play a musical instrument acquire many emotional and intellectual advantages over those children who don’t. Sometimes most people tend to think of […]