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To make listening clasic music easier for any beginners out there, we’ve put together a list of pieces that you can enjoy on a regular basis so that you can familiarize yourself with the genre and much more. You just need to read our blog!

Top Places to Get Orchestra News and Updates

In the past a person would find news about an orchestra by looking at a newspaper or hearing announcements on the radio. This was one way to hear about upcoming events and information. Information about orchestras would include when the orchestra was playing, the type of music they were playing and how to buy tickets […]

How Stravinsky Creates 80s Nostalgia in Pop Music

We all know that everything is connected, and music is not an exception; there’s a curious story behind how Stravinsky, unbeknown to him, ended up being the author of one of the most used sounds in music and representing an era, way long after his death. First, we have to settle something: no matter what […]

Guide to Seeing a Live Orchestra for the First Time

When you’re first getting into classical music, sooner or later you’ll want to enjoy the live experience. Naturally, you’ll turn to a live orchestra concert. Though that’s your best option and you’ll definitely enjoy yourself, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking due to all the crazy myth people have spread about proper concert etiquette […]

The Most Interesting Hoaxes in Classical Music

Classical music has never been directly associated with gossip and hoaxes, but there have been many classical music hoaxes throughout history. Doing some research, anyone can make curious findings like: fake compositions, myths and unfounded rumours that have been talked about over the last couple of centuries. From the outrageous lives of some composers to […]

Why You Should Learn an Instrument as an Adult

We tend to think that learning how to play the guitar or the piano, is something that you either do as a kid or not at all. If you ditched the violin lessons in middle school, you missed your one shot. It’s a commonly believed myth that as an adult it will be almost impossible […]

Essential classical pieces for new listener

When dipping your toe into classical music, you don’t want to go too deep too soon. Ideally, you should start out with more accessible – and therefore easier to appreciate – pieces that allow your ear to get used to this new world of sounds. This means that, at first, you should limit yourself to […]

8 easiest classical pieces for piano players

When you’re first learning how to play the piano you might feel frustrated that you can’t yet play any serious pieces. Practicing scales and movements is fine, but after a little while, you start longing for a bigger challenge. Nowadays you can just head over to YouTube and search for a tutorial on almost any […]

Learning to appreciate classical music

If you’re truly serious about becoming a classical music connoisseur, first we have to debunk a myth: classical music is not just Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven and Debussy. Though they are some of the most famous composers, they’re far from the only representatives. The term “classical” covers any music made during the 1750 and 1820, that […]